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Joolz Aer Buggy

Joolz Aer

Benefits of Joolz Aer

Unique seat

An ergonomic patented seat. Supports the back and neck, awake and asleep.

Ergonomic seat Joolz Aer Ergonomic seat Joolz Aer

Red dot award winner 2022

Lightweight buggy with optimum comfort

Lifetime warranty

A lifetime of fun

Joolz strollers and lighweight strollers are made for more love and less waste.


High quality materials

Premium Dutch Design

Our designers craft everything right down to the smallest detail

Key features of Joolz Aer

Get ready for something truly innovative.

Easy fold

Easy fold`



Airplane compatible

Airplane compatible

Ergonomic seat

Ergonomic seat

From baby to toddler 

Get the additional bassinet, car seat (adapters) and footboard to adjust your lightweight stroller to every age of your child​

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Team parent

Samuel & Ragna

Let’s get real - parenting is a crazy ride! Meet a couple who found a way to balance family life while saving space for themselves and each other — and wrote a book about it on the way.