one stroller, one tree

Your child deserves to grow up in a healthy world, that’s why we plant a tree for every stroller we sell. So while your baby is flourishing into an amazing little human being, your tree is growing in one of our beautiful Birth Forests at the same time. You and all other parents all over the world contribute to a greener planet, together. 

all over, for a greener world​

We work together with Tree-Nation, a planting community dedicated to fighting climate change, deforestation and poverty by planting trees.  

With every reforestation project you also support the local communities. Together with the amazing locals you are giving new life to trees all around the globe. Check out our Joolz Forest on Forest of Joolz | Tree-Nation - Forest’s trees for the latest updates about your tree planting projects.

Birth Forest map 

So far we’ve planted thousands of trees in 13 different locations.

Check out where our reforestations teams are active below

  • USA: National Forest Recovery
  • Colombia: Sacred Seeds Garden
  • Bolivia: Ketrawe Agroforestry
  • Burkina Faso: Agroforestry to Stop the Desert
  • France: Agroforestry Emboissement Bourgogne & Restauration Forêts dégradées
  • Uganda: VCS Afforestation Program
  • Mozambique: Eden Projects
  • Kenya: Bore
  • Madagascar: Eden Projects
  • India: Trees for tribals
  • Nepal: Eden Projects
  • India: Trees for Tigers
  • Thailand: Conserve Natural Forests

One stroller one tree. 

We’re here to support all parents. Including mother nature.