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Joolz cup holder

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Joolz cup holder
Joolz cup holder
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Joolz cup holder

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Compatible with:

Joolz Aer Aer+ Joolz Day+ Joolz Day2 Joolz Day3 Joolz Geo3 Joolz Hub Hub+

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About the Joolz stroller cup holder

The Joolz cup holder is the must-have accessory while you’re out and about. It clips easily onto your stroller’s handlebar and is perfect for bringing along bottles, sippy cups and mugs. Simply adjust its position to make sure your drink stays upright, and you won’t spill a drop of your morning healthy smoothie, or your baby’s bottle – just make sure you don’t get them mixed up.

Key features

Cup holder with water bottle

Stay hydrated

Use the stroller cup holder attachment for your baby’s bottle or your healthy smoothie to keep both you and your little one well refreshed.

Exploded view of Joolz cup holder attachment

Easy to attach

Clip the cup holder easily onto your pushchair in less than a second.

What's in the box

  • Joolz cup holder

Reusable packaging

Recycling is better for the environment and, who knows, your little one might learn something too. Big and small cardboard boxes – unpack them first – then convert them into a snail. So don’t throw the packaging away.

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