Spare parts

Our strollers last a lifetime, from baby to baby and from family to family. No wonder you want to renew some Joolz stroller parts once in a while. On the Joolz website you will find various loose Joolz parts.

Joolz Aer carry strap, Black
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Joolz Day+ uniframe, Black
more colours available
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Joolz Hub+ rear wheel set , Black - white
more colours available
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Joolz Aer raincover, Transparent
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Extend lifespan with stroller parts

Such parts for a Joolz stroller will ensure that you get even more out of your purchase and enjoy your stroller. Buy spare parts or replacements for all your Joolz products. We offer spare parts such as wheels, crib and seat frames, safety bars and more! Buy an extra cradle or seat frame for the Joolz Geo², replace the wheels of your Joolz Day³/+ or buy an extra bumper bar for the Joolz Hub.

Strollers and baby carriages categorie parts

All these spare parts can be ordered easily in our webshop. You can select the Joolz spare parts by category so that you get a quick overview of for example the crib mattresses that we offer. Buy a new crib mattress, fabric set or extra clip and refresh your Joolz baby carriage in just a few steps.