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If you want to stroll in style, our Joolz Essentials are the perfect addition for you and your baby! There are 1001 ways of letting your baby know you care, and the Joolz Essentials are just one of them. They are made from 100% organic cotton and are full of superhero powers. They absorb moisture, regulate heat and are just as soft as your baby's delicate skin. Perfect for endless cuddling and lullabies: sweet dreams little one. The 100% organic cotton is good for your baby and the world, plus it absorbs moisture, regulates heat and is baby-soft.

Try the Essentials swaddle to wrap up your baby, or defy the cold with our Joolz Essentials Honeycomb or Ribbed blankets. Tuck in your little one with the Joolz Essentials nest, and keep them warm from bassinet to car seat. Let your baby dream happily. Carefree and contented. Because all Joolz Essentials blankets and nests come with a TOG value that represents its insulation quality. It gives you an insight into your tot's thermal regulation, so your little one will keep their head cool in summer and warm in winter.