Double pushchairs

At Joolz, we understand that parenthood sometimes calls for a pushchair that’s suitable for two little ones. That's why we have the perfect solution for you: the double pushchair. With this handy and versatile extension to your existing pushchair, you can easily turn a normal pushchair with a cot into a pushchair for two little ones. Find our double pushchair below.

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The double pram: ideal for you?

Are you expecting a second baby? How fantastic! Your family is expanding even further. On behalf of Joolz: congratulations! Although you've experienced all the exciting things before, new challenges remain around the corner even with the next child. Take logistics: is your toddler big enough to go for frequent walks by himself, but are very long stretches still a bit too much of a challenge? With your new baby, that can be quite a challenge, of course! Do you need a separate buggy next to your pram? Fortunately, Joolz thinks along with you and transforms your pram into a double pram in no time.

Double prams are an ideal choice for parents who need convenience and flexibility. With just one pram, you can enjoy the advantages of two separate cots, without compromising on quality and comfort. Are you expecting a twin? Wow! Luckely we also can help you with the perfect pram: meet our twin pushchairs

How does the double pram work?

The nice thing about Joolz double prams is that you don't have to buy a whole new pushchair. As you know: sustainability is our top priority. The same goes for creating these double prams. With just a double set, you can turn your existing pushchair into a double pram in one fell swoop. What to do? The double set for the double pushchair includes special adapters and an extra sun canopy plus safety bar. This is all you need for your double pushchair.

Pay attention though!

However, there is a small disclaimer here: you can only turn a Joolz Geo³ into a double pram. As soon as you receive the Joolz Geo³, you will find the extra seat in the box next to the cot. By only ordering the double set, you combine both occasions to a double pushchair. Here, your oldest child sits in front and you easily attach the cot for the baby underneath. Easy peasy! Prefer to turn around? That's possible too with the upper cradle adapters.

Design of the double pram

At Joolz, we value not only functionality, but also style. Our double pushchair accessory is designed with an eye for detail and blends seamlessly with the modern and elegant design of our pushchairs. So you can walk around with pride and confidence with your little ones 'on board': also when you're travelling.

The double set for the double pram is available in all familiar colours. Opted for a beige pram, or a blue pram? The double set is of course available in exactly the same colours. That way, your pushchair remains a sleek and beautiful unit even as a 'double'.

Can Joolz help you further with your double pram?

Order the double set now: the delivery man will bring your package to you within 5 to 7 working days. Do you prefer to pay afterwards? No problem. In our webshop, you always pay conveniently with services such as Klarna. And did you know you can always return your double pram set free of charge within 30 days? Looking for other accessories besides this double set like special bags or a footboard? Check them out quickly and order them easily! An extra tip? Be sure to take a look at our outlet. There you will find many products with nice discounts. 

Our team of expert specialists is also ready to answer all your questions and provide you with personal advice. Don't wait any longer and experience the convenience and versatility of our Joolz Geo³ double pushchair. Turn your Joolz pushchair into a comfortable and practical means of transport for you and your two little ones. Discover the possibilities and enjoy parenthood together with Joolz!