Spring accessories for pushchairs

Spring has arrived... and the opportunity to finally enjoy longer walks with your little one in that lovely spring sun. But being well-prepared is crucial! At Joolz, you'll find all the spring accessories for pushchairs you might need, from parasols to protect your baby's skin to diaper bags and care bags and mosquito nets. Take a quick look at our range of accessories!

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Stylish spring accessories for the pram

Our pushchairs can be customized with a variety of useful pushchair accessories. And you know what's great? You can mix and match with accessories. For example, if you've fallen in love with one of our pink pushchairs, you can choose a pink diaper bag and a pink parasol, or you can go for a trendy color-blocking look with some black spring accessories for the pushchair. So, customize the look of your pushchair - perfect for stylish moms and dads. 

Protect your little one from the first rays of sun

Are you also looking forward to spring? Those first rays of sunshine are delightful, especially after a long, cold winter. But don't forget that even the spring sun contains harmful UV rays! That's why it's essential to apply sunscreen to your child or add a sunshade or parasol to your pushchair. This way, you can stroll with your family and enjoy the sun, knowing that your little one is protected from the sun.

Other spring accessories for the pushchair that are 


Of course, there are many other accessories that come in handy when you head out in spring with your little one or your whole family. Consider, for example, a footmuff to keep your baby warm - even in spring, it can still be quite chilly! A footboard is a must if an older sibling likes to join in on the stroll.

And don't forget basics like a changing bag or an XL shopping bag! As a parent, it's nice to have various things, from a blanket to extra diapers and baby sunglasses, easily accessible. Our bags are perfect for this and fit all models of pushchairs, whether you're interested in our travel pushchairs, collapsible pushchairs, or 'regular' pushchairs. Quickly check out all our Joolz spring accessories in our range! Or take a look at our summer accessories, autumn accessories, and winter accessories: be prepared for every season!

Why choose Joolz?

There are several reasons why it's interesting to choose a Joolz pushchair and accessories when you have a baby on the way. First and foremost, at Joolz, we understand what parents need. That's why all our pushchairs and accessories are designed to be convenient and functional, easy to use, and built to last a lifetime. Additionally, our products also have a stylish appearance.

And delving deeper into the concept of "built to last a lifetime," did you know that we offer a 10-year warranty on our pushchairs, which is also transferable? In other words, you can sell your pushchair or even pass it on to family or friends without the remaining warranty becoming void.

Here's another interesting fact: did you know that for every pushchair sold, we plant a tree in one of our birth forests in Asia, Africa, Europe, and/or South America? This way, we are taking steps together to create a greener world for the future of your little one.