Joolz pushchair accessories

How wonderful that your family has expanded! At Joolz, we would like to warmly congratulate you on this wonderful news. When it comes to your child's comfort and safety, our pushchair and buggy accessories are just what you need to discover the world together! Discover all Joolz accessories here.

Joolz Aer/Aer+ footboard, Black
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Joolz travel bag, N.a.
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Joolz cup holder, Black
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Joolz Aer/Aer+ leg rest, N.a.
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Joolz puffer footmuff , Grey
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Joolz Aer+ cot raincover, Grey
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Joolz Aer buggy mosquito net, Grey
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Joolz Aer+ buggy raincover, Grey
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Joolz Hub/Hub+ raincover, Grey
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Complete your pushchair with Joolz accessories

At Joolz you will find pushchair accessories in all shapes and sizes, for every Joolz pushchair or buggy. You can count on the same service, quality and functionality. No matter how small the accessory is! 

Many of our accessories ensure that no type of weather is too crazy for your little one. On chilly days, nothing is more important than keeping your little passenger(s) warm and dry. Our extensive collection of pushchair accessories will help you do just that. For example, a comfortable footmuff acts as the perfect weatherproof winter sleeping bag for your baby. In addition, you can choose from a range of options to surround your child with maximum comfort. For those summer strolls, you can count on us too. Protect your little one from the sun with our practical Joolz pushchair parasol. And for extra double-capacity fun, there's the footboard! Whether you're looking for functionality or style, hit the road with confidence and style with our Joolz Essentials pushchair accessories, which will give you and your baby plenty to enjoy!

The wide range of Joolz pushchair accessories

At Joolz, we strive to make your strolls as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Besides our beloved sunhood, we offer a wide range of accessories for your pushchair. Whether it's an extra large shopping bag or a handy cup holder, with Joolz pushchair accessories you are always well prepared. Here is an even wider selection of other accessories for your pushchair: 

-Mattress cover
-Pushchair sheet
-Pushchair brace
-Mosquito net
-Car adapters
-Rain cover

Durability and style with Joolz accessories 

Our pushchair accessories are not just extras. They represent a commitment to safety and sustainability. With each accessory, we contribute to a better planet through conscious material choices and thoughtful design. While your little one enjoys the comfort and convenience of our accessories, you are also actively contributing to a responsible future. Every detail is infused with the mission of a safe and carefree experience. Also, we not only want to leave the world a better place for future generations, but also give something back directly. With every pushchair purchased, we plant a tree in one of our birth forests. Our goal is to create an environment in which your baby can grow up healthy and happy, while working together towards a more sustainable world.

Why Joolz pushchair and buggy accessories?

With Joolz accessories you choose for quality, functionality and style. Our products are easy to attach and suitable for all different models of Joolz pushchairs: so make sure you order the right accessory for the right model. 

This way, every walk will be a carefree experience for both you and your child. When you go out with your little one, of course you want everything to run smoothly. Our accessories are designed to make your daily outings easier. With Joolz accessories, you can make every walk a moment to cherish. Order your pushchair or buggy accessories now and experience it for yourself!

Do you have any questions about our products or need additional information? Our customer service is always ready to help you!