Autumn accessories for pushchairs

Do you also enjoy taking autumn walks with your family? Wearing your boots and strolling through the fallen leaves in the forest? At Joolz, we love that too. That's why we have a range of autumn accessories for the pushchair, allowing you to keep your baby comfortably warm and protected from rain and wind. This way, your little one will always be cozy from October to December.

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Stylish and high-quality autumn accessories for the pushchair

Fresh air is healthy for you and your baby. Even as the leaves turn beautiful shades of red and orange and begin to fall, it can still be wonderful to take a stroll with your little one. It's essential, however, to keep your little one extra warm.

Joolz is the brand of parents for parents, so in our range, we offer everything you need to enjoy autumn walks. All our autumn accessories for your pushchair are designed to last a lifetime. They are durable and, just like our pushchairs, look great. Because, hey, aesthetics matter too!

Protected from the elements with our autumn pushchair accessories

With Joolz’ autumn pushchair accessories, you can keep your baby cozy even when the weather turns a bit chilly outside. The must-haves? Those would be the autumn footmuff and rain cover, of course. With a warm autumn footmuff, your little one will be wrapped up warm and snug, and our rain covers ensure that your baby stays dry. All our rain covers are transparent or have a clear window, allowing your mini-me to see everything clearly during your walks. Also handy: our covers have a small opening for easily passing snacks or toys.

In addition, you'll find other classics in our range of pram accessories: a sunshade for sunny autumn days and a variety of handy bags. From a changing bag to an organizer or a diaper bag, with our bags, you'll always have essential items like diapers, wipes, a bottle, mittens, and more conveniently at hand.

Order Joolz autumn accessories for your pushchair now

At Joolz, you can get autumn accessories for your pushchair in a variety of fun colors. For example, if you have a beige or gray pushchair, you can choose to add accessories in the same neutral color palette. Of course, you also have the option to go for a trendy color. We offer some autumn pushchair accessories in colors like pink, red, yellow, and green!

No matter which color you choose, you can be sure you're getting quality. We promise. That's why we even offer a 10-year transferable warranty on all Joolz products. This means that if you no longer need your pushchair after a few years, you can pass it on or even sell it - and the next owner will enjoy the remaining years of warranty.

When you purchase your autumn pushchair accessories from Joolz, we make sure you receive them quickly. Plus, you enjoy free shipping on orders over £50.

Still looking for a new pushchair? From travel pushchairs to double pushchairs, Joolz offers various options. Also, it's worth noting that for every pushchair sold, we plant a tree in one of our birth forests in Asia, Africa, Europe, or South America. Together, we're taking steps towards a greener future.

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