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With a pushchair, there are endless possibilities for getting out and about together. Has your little one outgrown the pram as a toddler? Are you frequently on the move, and your child can't quite cover those distances by themselves? Purchasing a pushchair will ensure that you can still embark on adventures together. Explore all of Joolz's pushchairs here and discover the range of accessories we offer to make your rides even more enjoyable!

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The Joolz pushchair: meet the Aer

At Joolz, we offer pushchairs in various shapes and sizes. Our guiding principle? We enjoy assisting parents. That's why each pushchair has its unique strengths. Looking for the most compact pushchair that's also easy to travel with? That's where our Aer range comes in. We introduced this pushchair several years ago and have evolved it into the current Aer+ pushchair. Planning a family trip to the airport for a relaxing holiday down south? Considering purchasing this pushchair? Below, we're delighted to provide more details about this pushchair and suggest accessories that can enhance comfort for both you and your little one.

The advantages of our pushchair

Let's start at the beginning, understanding the advantages of our pushchair compared to other models:

  • Easy folding and unfolding: It's a breeze with just one hand in a single second.
  • Lightweight: This pushchair weighs a mere 6 kilograms.
  • Suitable for air travel: The convenient carrying strap allows you to take the pushchair with you wherever you go.

So, the pushchair is incredibly practical. Thankfully, this doesn't mean compromising on the comfort of your young passenger. The pushchair's patented seat easily adjusts to a completely flat reclining position, always providing optimal neck and back support for your growing child.

This pushchair makes a difference

Furthermore, our high-quality design sets it apart. Equipped with a user-friendly safety harness, excellent wheels, effective ventilation, and ample storage space for toys and groceries, the Joolz Aer Buggy simplifies your life.

Pushchairs available in various colours

We like to accommodate your preferences, including the different colours available for Joolz pushchairs. We aim to provide you with ample freedom of choice. That's why we offer the Joolz Aer+ pushchair in a wide range of colours. Looking for a stylish pushchair? The navy blue model might be a great addition to your collection. Perhaps a softer hue that blends in with nature during woodland strolls? A timeless taupe or beige pushchair could be a better fit. We also have sleek black and various shades of grey options. Which colour suits you best?

Match accessories with your pushchair

With our pushchairs, you have plenty of opportunities for customization thanks to our extensive range of pushchair accessories. You can even choose them seasonally, such as summer or winter accessories. Opt for a complete Joolz Aer pushchair or enhance comfort with accessories like a footmuff or mosquito net, specially designed for this pushchair. For the ultimate comfort, we've also developed accessories tailored to the pushchair.

Does your pushchair's little passenger have an older sibling? With a special footboard for the pushchair, your toddler can either sit or stand and enjoy the journey with you.

Pushchair with or without a cradle?

No space is too small, and no adventure is too big for this pushchair. If you frequently travel with your baby and rack up Air Miles, this pushchair easily fits in any aircraft compartment. Are you looking for an option for your newborn? No worries! You can purchase the Joolz Aer pushchair with or without a carrycot. This is our most compact and easily foldable pushchair, ensuring your baby enjoys comfortable naps. The best part? Even with the carrycot, it remains very lightweight. The pushchair weighs only 6 kg without the carrycot and 8 kg with it. Thanks to the carrying strap, you can conveniently sling the pushchair over your shoulder. Super handy! After six months, when your baby becomes more active, you can easily swap the carrycot for a seat, allowing you to continue using the pushchair. The purchase process is also reversible: the carrycot is available separately.

Purchase your pushchair at Joolz

Have you added your new pushchair to your shopping cart? Don't forget to include matching accessories! Payment is always secure, and you can even use Klarna to pay for your order within 30 days. Once you've placed your order, your pushchair will arrive at your doorstep within 2 to 4 days, and you can return it free of charge within 30 days. Where will you and your little one embark on your first adventure with the pushchair?

We understand what parents need: pushchairs that are perfect for their little ones and the planet. That's why our prams and pushchairs are designed to last a lifetime. Additionally, our 10-year warranty on all our pushchairs is transferable, meaning you can sell or pass on your Joolz to another family without voiding the remaining warranty. This way, they can also enjoy the pushchair for an extended, carefree period. Did you know that we plant a tree for every pram sold? Each Joolz pushchair on the street equates to a tree planted in one of our native forests in Asia, Africa, Europe, and/or South America. We plant over 100,000 trees annually! Shall we plant the next one together?