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The Joolz Aer buggies
+ Buy the Joolz Aer buggy with or without the cot
+ The cot is also available separately
+ Moving from place to place with ease

The Joolz Aer buggy gives you the ultimate freedom to go on a trip. With this ultra comfortable buggy you will travel from place to place super easy and effortlessly. The buggy can be folded in no time. Even with its cradle. The buggy pushchair is also made so that you can carry it on your back with ease. The buggy weighs only 6 kg (without cradle) and 8 kg (with cradle). The carrying strap makes it easy to hang over your shoulder. Super convenient! After six months, when your baby starts crawling more, you can easily exchange the cradle for a chair again. Buy your ideal pram at Joolz

With the lifetime guarantee and the optional cot, you will buy the ideal buggy for a dynamic life on the road. The Joolz Aer buggy is made to move fast. The buggy is compact, lightweight and ergonomic. In addition our high quality design makes all the difference. With its user-friendly safety belt, great wheels, good ventilation and lots of storage space for toys and groceries, the Joolz Aer makes your life a whole lot easier. Don't forget to check out our Joolz accessories? With our accessories you are sure to travel with your little one perfectly equipped and safe.