Joolz footboard for pushchair

Discover here everything you need to know about the pram footboards for your Joolz pram. With a Joolz footboard, strolling with two children becomes a pleasant and, above all, a fun experience. Our footboards fit on all prams, except for the Joolz Aer(+). Do you have the Joolz Aer(+), then there’s a special footboard for you. Enjoy the stroll with the whole family!

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Is a footboard something for you?

Let your toddler ride along while your baby lies comfortably in the pushchair or buggy. Together you can enjoy pleasant rides and still keep moving, even if your toddler's legs get tired, it doesn't have to mean that your walk has to come to an end. Hop on the footboard and enjoy endless fun with the three of you.

Especially when your toddler has grown out of the duo pram, a footboard can be incredibly handy. It saves space, but you still have the convenience of transporting two passengers with one pushchair. 

Joolz pushchair footboards for your little big friend!

The Joolz footboard is designed to make life easier for parents with young children. With this handy accessory, you no longer have to carry your toddler when the walk gets too long. Your little big friend can comfortably stand or sit on the board between you and their sibling. Now you can go on adventures together and make great memories without dealing with the hassle of multiple prams or pushchairs.

What pram footboards are there?

At Joolz, we offer different pram footboards and must-haves for footboards, each with their unique features. Here are the options and must-haves you should definitely check out:

  • Joolz footboard - Suitable for: Joolz Day, Joolz Day+, Joolz Day2, Joolz Day 3, Joolz Geo, Joolz Geo², Joolz Geo³
  • Strap for footboard - Fits any footboard.
  • Wheel for footboard - Fits any footboard.
  • Joolz Aer footboard - Suitable for the Joolz Aer travel pram only.

Please note that the regular Joolz footboard does not fit the Joolz Hub, Joolz Hub+, and Joolz Aer pram or buggy. We developed special footboards for these prams.

Joolz Aer/Aer+ footboard

The Joolz Aer/Joolz Aer+ footboard is a must-have accessory for parents who want to go on adventures with two children. Simply attach the board to your Joolz Aer pushchair and your toddler can easily ride along, standing or sitting while you travel or explore a city. When your little one wants to walk, simply fold up the board and continue walking. Thanks to the handy folding system, you don't have to remove the footboard when you stow the pushchair, you can simply fold it - isn’t that ideal!

The sturdy construction of the Joolz Aer footboard ensures a safe and comfortable ride for your child. The maximum permissible load is 20 kg, so the board is suitable for small children that won't restrict your room to move while walking.

The advantages of a pushchair footboard

A Joolz pushchair footboard offers several advantages for you and your family:

  • Fun: Walking together becomes even more fun when your toddler rides along on the footboard.
  • Practical: The footboard is easy to attach and store, and you no longer have to carry your toddler.
  • Safety: With a sturdy design and the right load capacity, the footboards ensure a safe ride.

Sustainable packaging at Joolz

At Joolz, we don’t only have an eye for comfort, looks and functionality, but also for sustainability. Our pram footboards come in reusable packaging. Once unpacked, large and small cardboard boxes can be transformed into creative play objects, such as a snail. By doing so, we do our bit to reduce waste and protect the environment for future generations.

Get your pram footboard now!

What are you waiting for? Treat yourself and your family to the convenience and fun of a Joolz footboard. Order now and enjoy beautiful walks with your children. Choose from various options and accessories, such as the Joolz Aer footboard, the strap for footboard, and the wheel for footboard. Discover other parents' reviews and make every walk an enjoyable experience for the whole family! Do you have another pressing question or can we help you with anything? Let us know and contact our customer service team!