Joolz footmuff for pushchairs

Do you like taking your little one for a walk in the pushchair during autumn or winter? Then we definitely recommend you take a look at these comfortable and especially warm footmuffs for prams. Don’t let the rainstorm or cold weather stop you: with a footmuff in your pushchair, your little passenger will never be cold. 

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With a footmuff through all weather

You can already hear the wind blow through the trees: the cold season is coming. But are you going to let that stop you from going outside? Explore the city or dive into the woods: with your Joolz pushchair it will be a pleasant ride for everyone. Especially if you get the right accessories for the wet, cold period. So our must-have for the winter? Definitely a pram footmuff. At Joolz, we offer various footmuffs! Let us introduce them all to you here. 

What footmuffs are there?

We suspect you already know that you can order the right pram for every moment at Joolz. Do you travel frequently? Then the Joolz Aer+ is your travel pushchair. A travel size that gets you from A to B even more smoothly. Planning to go on a ski holiday? Or are you often on the road, not planning to stay inside even when it’s cold outside? For the compact and new Joolz Aer+ we developed a footmuff. It honestly doesn't matter which colour Joolz Aer+ you have: for all colors of the pushchairs we offer matching footmuffs.

Footmuffs for the Joolz Day+ and Geo³

Is there already a Joolz pushchair parked in your house? Like our comfortable Joolz Day+ or robust Joolz Geo³? Of course, we also developed the perfect footmuff for these pushchairs. Attach the footmuff to the seat of your Joolz pushchair and you are ready to face any weather. To be extra comfortable in these footmuffs, we chose soft, high-quality and easy-to-clean upholstery during production. 

The footmuff against any cold

Really want to make sure your mini-me is not too cold once you go out in more extreme weather? Then the puffer footmuff for your pram is the perfect choice. During the colder months, your little one will stay warm and dry thanks to the durable Sorona® filling that is lightweight and breathable. The windproof zips and eco-coating ensure no wind, rain or snow get through. With this footmuff, you naturally want to brave the cold during several winters! We get it: that's why this footmuff is adaptable to your child with different zips. The puffer footmuff has an adjustable zip for when your little passenger grows with automatic zip-lock to prevent accidental opening and an adjustable hood for a snug fit.

Get your footmuff now!

Found the perfect footmuff to match your Joolz pushchair? Then order it now and we will make sure your little one will be able to go for lovely warm rides soon. Don't let the wind or rain stop you anymore. Of course, you always leave your details with us securely and even pay with Klarna! No problem. 

We do not only like to think with you, but also with nature. Recycling is of course better for the environment. So don't throw away the packaging of your footmuff. After unpacking, you can transform our cardboard boxes into the cutest shapes, like a snail! And who knows, your child might even learn something. Can we help you with something else or do you have a pressing question? Let us know and get in touch!