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general contact

If you have a question or want to share your thoughts or suggestions, we would love to hear from you! Send us feedback, or general/non-urgent inquiries by emailing

for press inquiries contact:

For press inquiries and marketing/influencer collaboration contact:

wholesale account opening contact:

If you would like to carry Joolz at your retail store or website, please contact:

after-sales support & warranty inquiries contact:

You can contact us by emailing You can send an email to with the below info to speed your request.

  • Where did you purchase the Joolz stroller?
  • What model and color did you purchase?
  • When did you purchase the Joolz stroller? (If you have an invoice or a receipt, you can attach it to this e-mail)
  • Please provide the serial number. (This can be found near the under storage basket for the Geo2, underneath the under storage basket for the Hub and Day3)
  • Please describe the issue and send any images and/or video of the issue that can help us assess it?
  • Is your Joolz registered for the 2 year or lifetime warranty? (this is done via our website not the postcard)