Stroll in ultimate style

When you become a parent, almost everything in your life changes. But your style doesn’t have to. In fact, you could say that settling into your new life with a little one gives you the opportunity to express yourself in all kinds of fun new ways.  

Joolz’s co-ordinated range of strollers and accessories gives you the power to put together a perfectly co-ordinated ride that expresses your own unique fashion sense. You’ll be stepping out in style and turning heads in no time.

Every Joolz stroller or buggy is available in several great colour options. Choose from an ever-expanding palette of sophisticated neutrals like classic blue, gorgeous grey, marvellous green and brilliant black. All the tones co-ordinate beautifully and are designed to work especially well with the strollers' simple brushed chrome and matte black frame and wheels. 

Of course, your strolling style isn’t limited to just the fabrics on the carrycot, the seat, the shopping basket and the sun canopy. Don’t forget that you can also add accessories style up your stroller exactly the way you want and create a super chic overall look.

There’s a wide range of matching accessories to choose from. You can focus on your child’s comfort with sheets, swaddles, blankets, nests and cocoons. Shield them from the elements with parasols available in a range of colours and our rain covers that fit every look. And don’t forget to take care of yourself! Make life on the move more convenient with a cup holder for your morning flat white and an XL shopping bag or nursery bag, you can match with your stroller, or even your outfit.

With dozens of possible colour combinations and unique style choices, Joolz strollers and accessories help you create a complete look all of your own — and stroll in ultimate style.