sustainable fabrics

Instead of throwing plastic bottles away, we recycle them into beautiful things. By turning old recycled plastic into sustainable fabrics, we help create a more wonderful world for future generations.

Every step counts.

100% sustainable and traceable fabrics

Made from recycled PET bottles

Recycled and crafted into premium quality fabrics

how it works

Used plastic bottles are collected and delivered to recycling facilities, where they’re washed and cut into small pieces. These flakes are then melted into pellets, which can be spun into polyester yarn. The result is a clean, recycled material, perfect for creating premium fabrics. 

what else are we doing?

At Joolz we want to help create a clean, fair world that’s full of possibilities for future generations. We do our bit by continuously improving the quality, usability, durability and eco footprint of our products. We also work with sustainable and social initiatives like the Joolz Birth Forest, our re-usable product packaging, and our strollers that are made from durable high-quality materials, so they last a lifetime.