Joolz and high fashion streetwear brand Filling Pieces have joined hands to celebrate the power of community, and how support makes all the difference. The result: a limited-edition Joolz Geo³ pushchair, inspired by the iconic Filling Pieces Varsity Jacket, a sports classic and a symbol of community. 


Teamwork makes the dream work

Together with Filling Pieces we believe in the motto: “It takes a team to raise a child!” That is reflected in this special Joolz Geo³. With a nod to the iconic Filling Pieces Varsity Jacket and the various patches that symbolise the sense of community, this pushchair is a reminder of the people who are always there for you. Make a statement together with us and walk behind this pushchair with pride.

This is the Joolz x Filling Pieces Geo³ pushchair

What makes this Geo³ unique? In addition to the handmade patches, each with its own story, we use sustainable fabrics from recycled PET bottles. Also the sturdy, embroidered leatherette handlebar with a matching bumper bar make this Geo³ unique. In addition to the light brown wheels (which are inspired by sneakers), you also get real matching Filling Pieces sneakers for the small passenger of this limited edition pushchair.

Meet the teams


Stephanie, Rowan, Gerard, Indie-Mae & Maeson-Noa​

This cool team of 5 knows what's up: love, laughter and the freedom to be whoever you want to be. And let's be honest, who doesn't want a "duncle" like Gerard in their life? ;-)​


Widya, Felix, Coco & Mia ​

This passionate, ambitious and powerful team of 4 shows how family can be chosen. Dad's advice? Be patient and take your time. We couldn't agree more! 


Rola, Sebastian, Mathilda, Beate, Boris, Tanya, Jeremy & Snow​

The more, the merrier. As a team of 8 and counting, each of them bring their individual influence and experience. A true celebration of diversity and love. ​

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We would love to tell you more!

What do you think of the new Joolz X Filling Pieces Geo³ pushchair? Can you see yourself walking behind this unique limited edition Geo³? We are extremely proud of the result of our collaboration with Filling Pieces. We would like to tell you more about the collaboration below, the pushchair itself and, above all, how to order it. 

How did Joolz and Filling Pieces find each other?

As a pushchair brand, we were looking for a partner to collaborate on a pushchair that fits our philosophy from A to Z. Joolz wants to empower the next generation of parents. Parents who are determined to create a better world for their children. We found this in the fellow Amsterdam fashion brand. Filling Pieces strives to unite streetwear and high fashion. With the Joolz x Filling Pieces Geo³ pushchair, we hope to inspire you as a parent to create your own dream team. 

Since raising children is something you do together, right?

We believe in such a dream team. Under the motto ‘it takes a team to raise a child’, together with Filling Pieces we break through the idea that parenting is done ‘alone’, while it is precisely the people around you who (also) make the difference. Grandparents who take over the care every week, neighbours who help out in emergencies or that best friend who is always there for you. 

The patches symbolise this. Take the puzzle patch: parenting is about puzzling everything together and transferring what you have learned.

Order your Joolz X Filling Pieces Geo³ pushchair now

Time for some practical information; how do you get hold of our limited edition Joolz X Filling Pieces Geo³ pushchair? After the launch in May 2023, you can simply purchase it here on our website. But we also understand if you want to admire it in real life first. That is also possible! In the flagship store of Filling Pieces Amsterdam you can see this unique pushchair in real life. Or at selected Joolz retail partners distributed throughout the Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom, Ireland or Spain. That is also possible! Prices start at € 1,399 (for the Geo³ Mono).

The Geo³: the perfect pushchair for this collaboration

Hope you relate to our story. Are you a new customer or has it been a while? Then we would like to introduce the star of the show: the Geo³ pushchair. In addition to the Joolz Day+ and Joolz Aer+, the Joolz Geo³ is now also an icon in the list. Not only is it our most spacious pushchair, the Geo³ also takes you everywhere. From the rough forest paths to routes full of bumpy paving stones: your little one will sleep through everything. 

You can configure the Joolz x Filling Pieces Geo³ pushchair in three ways. Namely as:

Joolz Geo³ Mono: suitable for one child (0-4 years)

Joolz Geo³ Duo set: perfect for family expansion with a second child (0-4 years)

Joolz Geo³ Twin: the name says it all, twinning is winning

All information about the dimensions and weight can be found in the specifications of each model. The extended warranty of 10 years also applies to this pushchair if you register it within 6 months. The well-known Joolz accessories also fit on this pushchair, such as the Essentials mattress cover, footmuff or raincover. 

The Joolz X Filling Pieces Geo³ pushchair in summary

We hope to spot you soon with this unique Joolz X Filling Pieces pushchair. What exactly are you ordering? Briefly summarised again:

- The well-known premium quality of a Joolz pushchair

- Sustainable fabrics and materials

- Unique Filling Pieces details 

- Limited Filling Pieces baby sneakers

Get it quickly, because there is only limited stock of this special edition!