the future is bright, the future is colourful

Premium pink

This cute new colour from Joolz is full of promise. Premium pink is delicate yet strong, with a radiant charm that sparkles like the first rays of sunlight kissing the sky as a new day dawns. Perfect for bright-eyed parents who want to stand out from the crowd.

Timeless taupe

Refined, graceful and always on trend, Timeless taupe brings its enduring elegance to Joolz’s strollers. Think your favourite trench coat. Think café latte.Think autumn leaves on an afternoon stroll through the park. There’s a very good reason some looks never go out of style.

Modern blue

Representing up-to-the-minute style with a sense of calm confidence, Modern blue is our new sophisticated and upbeat colour. Calm, relaxed and positive, its reassuringly peaceful presence helps you cruise through the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Fall in love with the colour of contemporary comfort.

Lovely taupe

Looks luxurious. Feels fabulous. Lovely taupe is the versatile new colour for the Joolz Aer that adds a touch of class to any situation. It has a natural style that’s both up to date and ageless, and is sure to draw admiring looks thanks to its refined beauty.

Absolute pink

Love me tender, love me tough. There’s an elegant strength to the Joolz Aer’s new absolute pink colour. Its fresh and active character glows like a bright beacon in the concrete jungle. Bursting with fun and natural energy, it’s a completely irresistible option for parents who love to share their delight.

Splendid blue

Splendid blue is the striking new colour for the Joolz Aer. Capturing the carefree spirit of a cloudless summer sky, it’s full of optimism and also deeply stylish. The richly detailed and attractive fabric creates a self-assured look that’s both outspoken and composed.