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Our strollers last a lifetime, go from baby to baby and from family to family. No wonder that you want to refresh some parts of your Joolz pushchair every now and then. At the Joolz website you can find various Joolz stroller and Buggy spare parts.

Such parts for a Joolz stroller ensure that you make the most out of and enjoy your stroller. Shop spare parts or replacements for all your Joolz products. We offer spare parts like wheels, cot/seat frames, bumperbars and more! Purchase an additional cot/seat frame for the Joolz Geo², replace the wheels of your Joolz Day³/+ or purchase an extra bumperbar for the Joolz Hub.

All these parts are easy to order from our webshop. You can select the parts by category so you will find a quick overview of, for example, the cot matresses that we offer. Purchase a new cot mattress, fabric set or additional clip and refresh your Joolz stroller in just a few steps.