Joolz nursery bag

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There’s something about having extra space that makes things easier as a parent. Take for instance, our nursery bag. When you unzip its cover, the first thing you’ll notice is the sheer volume and it’s many compartments, of which there is one insulated for warm and cold bottle storage. Complete with changing mat for those quick-hop pit-stops, it means you can store away everything you need. Simply by hanging it on the integrated hook of the handlebar you’re all set for the big journey ahead.
Our designers have selected the most elegant colours for this stylish, yet easy to clean nursery bag. Elegant on the outside, practical within. So, when the cookie crumbles, there's no need to cry over spilt milk. From nappies to bottles, and woollens to mittens, carry what you will. This is the bag for young families looking forward to taking life’s essentials with them to the great outdoors.

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