Stroll as we are

For "Stroll as we are" we've asked our Joolz colleagues what it’s really like to be a parent, and now share these stories and experiences with you.

Stroll as Floor

Meet the always smiling Product Marketing Manager Floor. Within the Joolz organisation Floor is in charge of Joolz’s product launches: from product development to marketing. When it comes to her personal life she just returned from maternity leave. "A life with two little ones is fantastically hectic,” Floor says laughing. How does she manage to get a happy work-life balance?

Stroll as Emile

Meet Emile, the founder of Joolz. He spent years developing and designing pushchairs and made choices about must-have pushchair features, all without having children. In April 2019, twelve years after the foundation of Joolz, he suddenly is in the user’s shoes: which pushchair is right for me? How does one ultimately choose the best pushchair in a world full of choices and options

Stroll as Marieke

Marieke lives in Amsterdam with her boyfriend Jesse and their son Louie. They’re expecting a little girl this year. She is the brand & campaign manager for Joolz and works in the HQ office in Amsterdam. " Even though we live in the city, we try to get out as often as possible. I find it important that Louie enjoys going outside and learns about nature. He is a good walker, however he is still too small to walk the full route. So we always bring our Joolz Geo² !"

Stroll as Ruby

Meet the incredible Ruby, proud mother of 2-year old Cooper and a member of our team in New York. Ruby and her husband Adriaan love the hustle and bustle of their New York City life, and ever since Cooper’s birth they have adapted to a very different scene. “While living each day to the fullest”, Ruby says, “mixing the work-life balance was a real wake-up call in comparison to life in Amsterdam.” “Being a working mum in New York was a huge culture shock, but I love the challenge and I wouldn’t change a thing.”