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Joolz Geo3 MONO

navy blue
Joolz Geo3 MONO , Navy blue
Joolz Geo3 MONO , Navy blue
Joolz Geo3 MONO , Navy blue
Joolz Geo3 MONO , Navy blue
Joolz Geo3 MONO , Navy blue
Joolz Geo3 MONO , Navy blue
Joolz Geo3 MONO , Navy blue Joolz Geo3 MONO , Navy blue Joolz Geo3 MONO , Navy blue Joolz Geo3 MONO , Navy blue Joolz Geo3 MONO , Navy blue Joolz Geo3 MONO , Navy blue
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Joolz Geo3 MONO

navy blue
Super-sized basket   XL wheels Expandable Breezy ventilation
navy blue
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about the Joolz Aer

From the great outdoors to cobblestone streets, the Geo3’s got you covered. All-season protection in the cot and the seat, alongside puncture-proof wheels, make off-roading feel like a walk in the park. Our most sturdy and spacious stroller, it’s ready to grow with your family, offering unlimited expansion possibilities. Meanwhile, stash everything you could ever need in the super-sized basket. Because now you’re a parent, convenience is king.  

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Joolz Geo³

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Stroller Joolz Geo³ Mono

Warranty 2 years & Lifetime warranty if you register within 6 months

Brand Joolz

Age range 0 Months - 4 years

Can be used from birth Yes

Compliance norm EN 1888-2

Dimensions See below

Keep it fresh!

To refresh the fabrics, we advise hand

wash with a mild detergent. Rinse thoroughly and dry flat. Please keep in mind it is not possible to wash the fabrics in the washing machine.

Dirt free!

To remove dirt for your chassis simply use a lukewarm wet cloth (no detergents needed). You can clean the wheels with water and mild detergent. Make sure you remove them before cleaning and put them back when they are dry.

Can I expand the Joolz Geo³ with a second seat or bassinet?

It’s possible to use the Joolz Geo³ for two kids. For using it in duo with a 2nd baby under 6 months, you must purchase the duo adapters lower seat/bassinet, a separate sun hood and bumper bar as an addition to your mono set. If you want to expand after 6 months, you can buy a separate seat or a footboard. In duo, we would also recommend buying a side pack for storage space.

When can I start using the Joolz Geo³ seat?

When your baby can sit independently, you can switch to the seat. This is usually around 6 months. The seat can be used up to a maximum weight of 50lbs. And an additional 33lbs in the shopping basket.  

What is the maximum weight of the shopping basket of the Joolz Geo³?

To bring all your groceries and/or toys for the baby, the maximum weight of the shopping basket is 15kg and has a capacity of 60L. For even more storage space you can add the XL shopping bag for an extra 5 kg.

박스에는 완벽하고 멋진 줄즈 에어와 그 외 필요한 모든 것들이 들어 있습니다.

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  • 레인커버
  • 여행용 파우치

재사용이 가능한 패키징

재활용은 환경보호에 좋으며 여러분의 어린 아이도 무언가를 배울지도 모릅니다.

크고 작은 판지 상자는 언박싱 이후 종이 비행기로 바꿀 수 있습니다. 그러니 포장을 버리지 마세요.

Sustainable fabrics

We recycle plastic bottles into premium quality fabrics.

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A stroller as adaptable as you are when your family grows.

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Joolz Lifetime warranty

줄즈는 선택하신 유모차에 대해 평생 보증을 제공합니다. 구입 후 6개월 이내에 줄즈의 웹사이트에 새 줄즈 유모차의 정품 등록을 꼭 하세요, 그리고 평생동안 마음 편히 걱정 없는 외출을 즐기십시오.

Joolz Birth Forest

우리의 지구는 조금 더 많은 녹색을 사용할 수 있다. 그것이 우리가 당신의 아이를 위해 줄즈 탄생의 숲(Joolz Birth Forest)에 나무를 심는 이유입니다. 그 때부터 그 나무는 당신의 아이와 함께 성장할 것입니다. 아이는 당신만큼, 그리고 콜롬비아의 나무만큼 자라겠지요. 



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